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Welcome to the official website of Reesheha  Charity Organization!

We started with love and sincerity...year 1386 (2007)


Our aim was to help under-privileged children we noticed around the city. Ailing children, working children, children with no guardian, children who called on us you and us to help and support them.

In our wanderings, many times in hospitals we were rejected, many times welcomed, countless times confronted with closed doors and countless times doors were opened for us. But we always continued our path with your support


 We started our work focusing on children with special diseases, but soon realized that it is not enough. Therefore, we increased our efforts and tried to embrace all the children who for whatever reason, did not smile; sick needy children, children with special diseases, working children and their poor families, children harmed by natural disasters, children who, due to poverty, are deprived from continuing their education


We took the first steps and with the help of generous people after lengthy consultations with Mofid children’s hospital, the children’s cancer and special diseases ward of this hospital was painted and equipped , which is in fact the first major project of Reesheha. There, the idea of creating a playroom flourished.

 We decided to expand the circle of the people we addressed and in this way , we held our first charity bazaar in a small hall and were encouraged by your support

And it was you and your warm presence and this love and hope which caused our aim to become real and Reesheha to take root and remainand reception


Today, we work for all sick children, especially children with special diseases, working children and the needy families of this group of children. Helping children in natural disasters and also supporting adolescents, the yesterday children of Reesheha family, are among our other activities.

بازارچه فصل


Reesheha's Messages

:Reesheha says

«I love my Earth... my beautiful works for the Earth»



Health Message

راه‌های رفع آلرژی در بهار

از دیدگاه طب نوین آلرژی واکنش سیستم ایمنی است ولی ازدیدگاه طب سنتی تعریف آلرژی تفاوت دارد...  ادامه مطلب


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