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Reesheha is a legal non-govermental  organization(NGO),which means all it’s activities and income are non-profit and performed by law.

Without a doubt, your financial support and assistance is the best way to help us. Basically, the organization gains income in four ways:

Cash Donations

Charity Bazaars

Financial Support for Specific Projects

Non-cash Donations


If you feel like helping us directly, please get in touch and join us.

بازارچه فصل


Reesheha's Messages

:Reesheha says

«I love my Earth... my beautiful works for the Earth»



Health Message

راه‌های رفع آلرژی در بهار

از دیدگاه طب نوین آلرژی واکنش سیستم ایمنی است ولی ازدیدگاه طب سنتی تعریف آلرژی تفاوت دارد...  ادامه مطلب


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