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We all like to pay our respects to deceased loved ones and somehow offer our condolences to their families. Reesheha condolence banners, apart from fulfilling this desire, provide an opportunity to take part in a charity project in a safe and pleasant manner. These printed banners are delivered to the site  and remain as a memento for the family of the deceased. 

The price you pay for these banners is spent on charity projects. You can order the text on the banner according to your taste.



In order to have more information about the price, how to order and…, contact us

بازارچه فصل


Reesheha's Messages

:Reesheha says

«I love my Earth... my beautiful works for the Earth»



Health Message

راه‌های رفع آلرژی در بهار

از دیدگاه طب نوین آلرژی واکنش سیستم ایمنی است ولی ازدیدگاه طب سنتی تعریف آلرژی تفاوت دارد...  ادامه مطلب


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