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The main concern of Reesheha Organization has always been children.

In the beginning, we started by helping children with special diseases.

Our direct presence in medical environments and hospitals enriched our experience and we found out that to be truly useful, this is not by itself enough. Therefore, we expanded our activities gradually.

At the present time, we help sick children, especially children with special diseases, working children and their impoverished families. Helping children in natural disasters is one of the other activities or Reesheha.

Reesheha is currently involved in medical and treatment-supporting activities in four hospitals:


Mofid Children Hospital Project

Reesheha playroom was established more than four years ago and serves as a base for treatment-supporting activities for children. Apart from creating a happy, hygienic environment, we provide counseling and psychotherapy for children and their parents

Playing is the best way to boost the morale of the children who spend several days at the hospital.

Counseling and giving information is a great help in the treatment process of the children. Many parents know nothing about their child’s disease and post- treatment care and are unable to cope with the disease. In Reesheha playroom, we help them to understand the realities by providing professional counseling.

All the expenses of this play-room, including toys, employees’ salary, sanitary necessities and counseling is covered by Reesheha. In addition to the play-room, Reesheha provides financial support for children who need help and are unable to pay for their treatment. This project is implemented with the co-operation of the social work department of the hospital.

    Ashrafi Hospital Project 

Ashrafi Esfahani hospital, located in Mowlavi  avenue, is one of the other projects sponsored by Reesheha. As this hospital is located in an underprivileged neighborhood, it provides medical services for a lot of lower-class patients.

Reesheha cooperates with Ashrafi Esfahani hospital on three levels:

1-Free treatment of outpatient children of Darvazeh Ghar district and their families.

2-Partially paying for the treatment of impoverished patients, according to the advice of the social work department of the hospital

3-Supporting dialysis patients


Fahmideh Children Hospital Project

This hospital is in Helale Ahmar avenue, near Navvab avenue. A small hospital without an active social work department, but Reesheha supports treatment of impoverished outpatients with the help of the compassionate employees of financial and administrative departments 

Razavi Hospital Project 

Near South Mehrabad, there is an old hospital, built decades ago. This hospital does not have an active social work department and the administration is responsible for welfare cases.

Razavi hospital is one of the recent projects of Reesheha organization. At present, we have prepared and equipped a playroom in the children’s ward of this hospital.



Our long-term goal is to create a happy and hygienic environment for the children to play in, just like Mofid hospital and provide counseling and psychotherapy services for the children and their parents

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Reesheha's Messages

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«I love my Earth... my beautiful works for the Earth»



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